Each time the crypto market is dominated by bulls, the number of scam coins and projects promising unbelievable returns also increases. However, scammers are increasingly targeting inexperienced traders with so-called sophisticated trading software and trading bots

How Scammers Use the Trading Bot Narrative

cammers always use the same narrative: “passive trading income with zero loss.“ Since the…

IOST Mainnet

2018 marked the first full fight in the life of IOST and their native cryptocurrency, IOST is one of the youngest cryptocurrency and blockchain projects on top end of the markets, yet this hasn’t stopped IOST Team to continously build IOST Ecosystem, the founder of IOST from embarking…

Sessia Platform

Sessia is an online marketplace that offers its users an opportunity of becoming crypto currency investors. In addition to the investment opportunities, it also lets the users to perform trading (buying or selling) of various products or services by the exchange or transfer of crypto coins. All the exchanges performed…

Crypto Booms

Girl Always Cute

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