IOST Has Fully Grasped The Way Of Life.

IOST Mainnet

2018 marked the first full fight in the life of IOST and their native cryptocurrency, IOST is one of the youngest cryptocurrency and blockchain projects on top end of the markets, yet this hasn’t stopped IOST Team to continously build IOST Ecosystem, the founder of IOST from embarking on some rather epic quests during the first year of the projects existence. IOST is one of the few blockchain projects with an in depth and clear throughout plan for the future. Therefore the progression made by IOST through 2018 was of expected. When IOST announced it would upgrade their blockchain system, Booms !! IOST has fully grasped the way of life.

2019, We have to know that not only in Ethereum there is a network update. As early as March 10th, the changes has be added to the IOST networks after the completion of the preliminary preparation, which lasted for almost a year. Thus, the IOST network will use own Mainnet, switching from the Ethereum blockchain, and on the same day the first decentralized applications hasl be launched on the updated platform. Among their customers are applications with games, crypto wallets, steylcoke and DEX-exchanges.

What does IOST aim to achieve ?

Put simply,To be the underlying architecture for online services that meets the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy.IOST aims to fundamentally disrupt previous methods of business by creating a self-operated, trustless network that maximizes network value for all parties. We challenge the systems that came before us and aim to create a model which cannot be skewed to favor the few at the expense of the masses. Read

Notable backers and supporters of IOST cryptocurrency

More Dapps Coming for IOST Community. Off the successful launch of Endless Game (ranked within Top 3 of global charts in less than 24 hours), IOST will continue to release more quality DApps to excite IOST community.

Back in May 2018, IOST incubated Theseus, a dedicated Dapp team, to achieve this objective. Theseus aims to expand blockchain adoption and is currently building a secret weapon to make this possible.

  1. Endless Game IOST

The first cross-chain profit-sharing gaming platform. The highest-yeilding profit-sharing game (at least 40% of the daily profit) on IOST.Provable Fairness: user-feed random seeds and verifiable algorithm.No Loser Here: place bet and earn iet. Lifetime daily dividend to all iet holders.More Fun with Friends: For each friend invited, you can earn 10% of your friend`s earning. . More

DAPP Transuction ( 1 April 2019 )

24H Users: 2,326

24H Tx: 258,261

24H Volume: 53,861,869 IOST

7D Tx: 1,959,509

7D Volume: 512,144,703 IOS

2. Cell Evolution

Cell Evolution is the first puzzle sandbox dapp base on Nebulas, each player act as a cell group. Players need to balance the Adaptability, Reproductivity and Survivability in the game. When player finished the game, they can choose to do the DNA merging, this function will upload the data into the whole ethnic group. This is not only a game, but also a read social experiment. If the whole ethnic group have unbalance data, the whole world will destroy.Millions of the cells will decide the whole destiny of the world. Welcome to Cell Evo, a game about cells and humanity. More

DAPP Transuction ( 1 April 2019 )

24H Users: 124H

Tx: 3

24H Volume: 0 IOST

7D Tx: 34

7D Volume: 0 IOST

3. IOST Voter

This is an IOST Dapp which in my opinion is very good. You can enjoying some features :

1. List the dividend policy of each node to help users quickly select the node with the highest revenue.

2. one button to receive daily dividends for all nodes

3. view the breakdown of each node

4. support the bonus points issued by the node

5. automatically calculate the expected return of voting

6. view the voted node, redemption vote

7. view each redemption record and unlock the remaining time. More

DAPP Transuction ( 1 April 2019 )

24H Users: 115

24H Tx: 248

24H Volume: 4,218,935 IOST

7D Tx: 1,203

7D Volume: 38,235,618 IOST

Token Burn

During Mainnet, IOST had burned their coins in 2 periods. First batch destroyed: 2,170,000,000 IOST (ERC-20 tokens). This represents over 20% of circulating supply and the second round of token burn has been completed, with 5,135,325,031.2373 IOST (ERC-20).For more Information about Major exchanges who have support IOST mainnet and swap is Binance, Huobi, BISS, Upbit, Bithumb, KuCoin .

Total amount of Token burnt : 7,305,325,031 IOST (ERC-20)

Burn transaction records first priods

Burn transaction records second priods

With the separation of IOST from the Blockchain Ethereum network, it is expected to increase the adoption of the use of the IOST network, so that it can compete with other ecosystems such as TRON, EOS and others. And also with the burning of a number of IOST coins, all members of the IOST community around the world hope the IOST exchange rate will increase.


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